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Chef ShaiWelcome to Chef Shai’s web site, a haven for international, fusion cooking and the world’s most creative and exciting cuisines.

Chef Shai is an emerging international chef who specializes in fusion cooking that combines the world’s major cuisines including, but not limited to, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern, American, Indian and Pakistani cooking.

Chef Shai is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City and has worked at prominent, reputable restaurants and catering institutions in Manhattan including Tabla, Restaurant Associates, Abigail Kirsch, California Pizza Kitchen, and others.

Chef Shai has hosted and continues to produce and host immensely popular television cooking shows that combine cooking with a flair for music and entertainment.

Chef Shai has been named a Rising Star by a leading women’s magazine and her show has been ranked No. 4, among all television shows, by yet another publication.

Chef Shai brings her immense travel experience from over 100 countries around the globe to the world of food and media.

Chef Shai has cooked for major events, parties and celebrities in New York City and overseas including prominent world leaders.

Chef Shai is working on her book which combines her memoirs with new and exciting original fusion recipes from around the world.

Chef Shai splits her time between New York City and Karachi.

Enjoy this web site with personal compliments from Shai and benefit from original recipes and cooking tips by Chef Shai.